About The Author

Don’s journey took him from blue collar laborer to executive to entrepreneur. He shares his experiences and stories in an unambiguous and humorous way to try to help others avoid missteps he’s made.  When not working on his business, or donating money to the stock market, he likes being involved in community-based efforts to help improve the environment and supports organizations and activities that promote animal advocacy.

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Don out in nature (somewhere on Earth)

Don has an undergraduate business degree as well as an MBA and several certifications related to process improvement. He is married, lives in Texas, considers himself a Jack of all trades and master of many, doesn’t know karate, and has accepted his rank of “least important” in his home, positioned considerably below the cat. Learn more about Don at www.donfesh.com, or his business, Mollycoddle, Inc. at www.homevetvisit.com.